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Our team is one of the leading companies providing the every-day worker and business owner with affordable, competent service. By combining our expertise and mobility, each client receives excellent personal attention. Our standards are high in both honesty and integrity, allowing us outstanding performance and products for your success.


Are you tired of dropping off your taxes and not hearing back until the day before the deadline? Are you sick of contacting your accountant and not hearing back for weeks? We understand this aggravation. Clients who choose us rely on advice that is accurate and timely. Our respect for your time illustrates the dedication our team has to you by providing  immediate, honest communication.


Our primary goal as a trusted consultant and tax preparer is to be available to provide insightful information while maintaining the highest levels of confidentiality and crypto-security practices. We do not accept anything less from our staff and this is what we deliver to you. We consider it extremely important to treat every client with impartiality so they may confide in our counsel and communications.

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James Lewis Sr.

Plumber, Father and Role Model

It was 40 years ago that my father started his entrepreneurial venture in plumbing. He had worked as a roofer in South Texas prior to this idea; however, he realized his wife and unborn child would need more than a journeyman roofer's salary could provide. He knew nothing about tax structure, entity selection, bookkeeping or advertising. Despite this, he had an unflinching belief that hard work would pay off. He and his supportive wife started the company, filing the L.L.C. formation with an S-corp tax election, unaware of the many possible tax efficiencies and election. 

There are strong continuities between my father and I. Sure, the fundamental tasks of accounting aren't the same as plumbing; still, the basic premise of providing customers your hard, honest work have not. We both approach people with our focus and attention to their unique problems. We review the solutions and advise the best-fits for their issues, explaining plainly why we recommend it. And through our efforts, clients are allowed peace-of-mind and life-long business insight. We become their trusted consultants, their partners.

Our fees might be based on the products we produce and the problems we repair but the value is in the guidance we give to these partners who can freely confide in us about their work, making us mutually better. 


925-Tax offers a full selection of services, ranging from simple tax return filing to advanced business maintenance.  We serve clients ranging from sole-proprietors operating out of a garage to state-wide corporations with multi-million dollar operations. Our employees strive to build long-term partnerships with our customers because we believe providing you with clear guidance will lead to mutual growth and value.

Whether you need to implement basic processes to establish (or repair) company books or require managerial-level forecasting and key indicator reports, we will direct you through the process and make sure it is the most conforming to your needs. With us, you are free to concentrate on running and growing your business.

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